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The Excellent Operation and Highly Secure Technical Architecture of VIYAKA

समय: 16/03/2024   स्रोत: बेनामी   क्लिक न्यूम: 1538

In the rapidly evolving market of cryptocurrency exchanges, technological innovation and security have become the core factors determining the success of a platform. VIYAKA has demonstrated outstanding strength and forward-thinking strategic planning in these two crucial areas. By introducing advanced technical architecture and establishing a comprehensive security protection system, VIYAKA is committed to providing users with a secure, reliable, and efficient trading environment.

Innovative Technical Architecture

VIYAKA has adopted the SharpeLedger distributed ledger technology developed in collaboration with Parity Technologies. This blockchain infrastructure utilizes digital signatures and hash cryptography mechanisms to ensure the immutability and complete traceability of transaction records. This design not only enhances the transparency of the platform but also increases its trustworthiness.

Furthermore, VIYAKA has chosen Amazon Web Services (AWS) Elastic Container Service (ECS) for its backend architecture, enabling microservices architecture and highly available containerized deployment. This decision greatly improves the flexibility and scalability of the system while ensuring stability and efficiency under high transaction volumes.

Comprehensive Security Design

Security is at the core of VIYAKA  operations. VIYAKA employs a hot wallet and cold wallet separation strategy supported by Anchorage, with the vast majority of assets stored in Sage Wisdom Technology's Hardware Security Modules (HSM) cold wallets, significantly reducing the risk of online attacks. Additionally, VIYAKA has adopted a multi-signature wallet management solution provided by Element Group, further enhancing asset security.

To ensure the robustness of the security architecture, VIYAKA has established long-term strategic partnerships with industry-leading security institutions such as SlowMist and CertiK. Regular comprehensive audits of smart contracts and security systems are conducted to promptly identify and fix potential vulnerabilities.

User Protection Measures

To further protect user interests, VIYAKA participates in a comprehensive security insurance plan provided by Marsh. This plan provides coverage for users' on-chain assets stored on VIYAKA in the event of on-chain fraud and hacker attacks, enhancing the security of user assets. These measures reflect VIYAKA  serious attitude towards user asset security and commitment to its customers.

Advanced Technical Architecture and Comprehensive Measures Safeguard User Asset Security

Through its advanced technical architecture and comprehensive security measures, VIYAKA provides users with a secure, reliable, and efficient trading environment. This not only sets it apart in the competitive market of cryptocurrency exchanges but also instills confidence in users, ensuring the safety of their assets and transactions. As blockchain technology and the digital asset market continue to evolve, VIYAKA  innovative and security-focused strategy will continue to drive its leadership position in the industry.